scribus+kuler.adobe, or time is $

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scribus+kuler.adobe, or time is $

by Atilio Barreda II

(click here to download 'original'  full size poster)

The poster is designed to play with the idea of formal radicality of an art object, especially digital art, which lacks the traditional notion of authenticity and originality. Intended to be a friendly parody of interpretations of digital art objects such as Cory Arcangel's Photoshop series, that endow the digital "found object" with revolutionary democracy the poster is the product of free software, one open-source layout editor, similar to Adobe InDesign, and a promotional web application, Kuler, a color scheme generator created by Adobe. By only using free software, the poster comes closer to goal of a more democratic accessibility, while its format points to the inevitable failure of the the goal by being so dependent on physical mechanical reproduction. 

Over the course of thirteen days, I created one color scheme a day, some chosen at according to my mood, others deriven from photographs I have taken, using Adobe Kuler. I then used Scribus, an open source layout design editor to arrange the color scheme in chronological order. I then posted the posters in places associated with art production, List Art Center, the Granoff Center, the MCM production building, and dormitories. The goal was to initiate a conversation about what kind formal/aesthetic qualities deserved to be posted and where. 






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