Windows 8 - What Works?

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The table below describes software and services that were tested on Windows 8 Enterprise Edition.  If there is an "X" in the column titled "Works As Is," no special consideration must be given to install, run or uninstall the software. If an "X" appears in the "Exceptions" column, the software may be able to run with some user intervention. Notes for exceptions will appear in the "Comments" column. Finally, if an "X" appears in the "Does Not Work" column, the software or service is not compatible with Windows 8.

Please note that all functions of applications may not have been tested. Testing with updates will occur as soon as possible after the official release.

Note: The Windows 8 "Surface" tablet is not capable of running most of these services, as the Windows 8 RT operating system of the tablet is not a full version of the Win8 operating system.  We do not anticipate support for the Win8 Tablet will be possible beyond connection to Brown website.


Name Works AS IS Exceptions Does NOT work Comments
7-Zip       Launched, but not tested
Access 2010       Launched, but not tested
Acrobat Pro 9.5 X
Acrobat Pro 10.1.3 X
Acrobat Reader 11 X
Adobe Reader Plug-in
Adobe CS5.5 Design Premium X
ArcGIS 10 X
ChemBioDraw Ultra 12.0.3        
Contribute CS5 X
Dreamweaver CS5.5 X
EndNote X5       Launched, but not tested
Exceed 2007       Launched, but not tested
Excel (2010) X
Excel Viewer X
FileMaker Pro 10 X
FileMaker Pro 10 Advanced X
Firefox X
Fireworks CS5.5 X
Flash CS5.5 X
Flash Player X
    Built in to Google Chrome
Forefront Endpoint Protection X
Identity Finder X
Illustrator CS5.5 X
InDesign CS5.5 X
Insight Client       Obsolete? The download link goes nowhere.
iTunes X
Java Client X
Kaleidagraph 4.1.3 X
KEdit       Launched, but not tested
KeyAccess X
Logger Pro 3.7 X
Maple 16     X
It failed during the installation. Installer User Interface not supported. The installer cannot run in this UI mode. 
Mathematica 8.0.4 X
Matlab r2012b X
Microsoft Office 2010 X
NAG ASLI Software Suite        
NVivo 10     X
A message will appear in the command prompt window while you are activating, saying “This command cannot be run completely because the system cannot find all the information required.”
OpenOffice 3.4 X
Opera 12 X
Outlook 2010        
    If you find that the application has stopped responding, download and install the LaTeX updater.
Photoshop CS5.5 X
Powerpoint (2010) X
Powerpoint Viewer X
PuTTY SSH        
QuickTime Player X
RealPlayer SP X
Remedy X
Respondus       Launched, but not tested
SAS       Launched, but not tested
Shockwave Player   11.5 X
Sibelius 6.1.1       Launched, but not tested
Sigmaplot 11
SSL VPN Desktop Client X    
Stata SE 12       Launched, but not tested
Tecplot 2012 X
Visual Studio2008       This program has compatibility issues with Microsoft SQL Server 2005.
Windows Defender       With Forefront Endpoint Protection installed, Windows Defender has been turned off and isn't monitoring the computer.
WinSCP       Launched, but not tested
Word (2010) X
Word Viewer
Zip Genius        


Name Works AS IS Exceptions Does NOT work Comments
Banner (INB)       untested
Banner (Self-Service)       untested
Brown-Secure       Not supported. Connection may not be secure.
Canvas       untested
Coeus       untested
Coeus Lite       untested
Cognos       untested
COI       untested
Dept. File Services       untested
Healthquest       untested
IPTV       untested
Kronos       untested
MyAccount       untested
MyConnection       untested
MyCourses       untested
RemedyWeb       untested
SSL VPN X      
Web Ledgers       untested
Web Req       untested
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