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"What We're Up To Now" (WWUT Now\!) - a low stress, high interest forum for sharing information and ideas with our library colleagues. Each WWUT Now\! session will provide a time, place, and friendly audience for five minute presentations by a bunch of us, focusing on the things that are most intriguing in our work lives these days. [Volunteer\!|]\\

[WWUT Now #1: On the Road: Conferences & Travel 11/28/07|WWUT Now 1]\\

[WWUT Now #2: In Case You Were Wondering: Projects & Innovations 12/19/07|WWUT Now 2]\\

[WWUT Now #3: Teaching & Learning 02/04/08|WWUT Now 3]

[WWUT Now #4: Grab Bag: Anything\! 03/24/08|WWUT Now 4]

[WWUT Now #5: The Next Big Thing: What's Up and Comin' 05/08/2008|WWUT Now 5]

[WWUT Now #6: What I Did on My Summer Vacation 10/02/2008|WWUT Now 6]

[WWUT Now #7: Anything but the kitchen sink 12/10/2008|WWUT Now 7]

[WWUT Now #8: I Get Around 03/02/2009|WWUT Now 8]

[WWUT Now #9: School's Out for Summer 06/08/09|WWUT Now 9]

[WWUT Now #10: The Secret's Out\!|WWUT Now 10 - The Secret's Out]

[WWUT Now #11: The Way We Do The Things We Do, 6/14/2012|library:WWUT Now 11]

[WWUT NOW #12: On The Road|library:WWUT Now 12], 10/15/2012