Here are the scripts used to generate the original well project: - Calculates and generates the timeline for falling in the well.
wellgen+/ - Generates the text objects that define the positive and negative sides of the well. If you consider a circle's equation, isolating y will give you a +/- sqrt expression. This, and me being lazy and not wanting to combine them, is essentially why there are two scripts. I had to rename the ++ one because the 'plus' symbol is illegal in wiki attachment file names.

This script is used to move the trees by a given (x,y,z) interval: It also adds index numbers to the tree objects.

Here's the original tree: Treescale1.xml. The treemover script can move this (or any other-sized tree, or, I believe, any set of objects) around.

Done as of 12/9/08:

Done as of 12/2/08:

Done as of 12/1/08:

Done as of 11/16/08:

note to self: can only see the words in front of you. THE USER CAN'T ROTATE BECAUSE WE'RE DISABLING MOVEMENT.
Okay, so I just tried to paste a bunch of my text/object-generating code here for preservation but the wiki seems to have problems with some illegal characters and crashes and gives me a bunch of horrible error messages. The simple solution: if you want to see my code, it's in my home folder.