CRITICAL UPDATE: Use new XMALab software for marker-based XROMM, including Undistortion, Calibration, Marker Tracking, and Rigid Bodies.
XMALab replaces MATLAB XrayProject. See Bitbucket XMALab wiki for XMALab User Manual (not this wiki). 

Undistortion and Calibration Download Instructions

  1. For both programs, find the link to the most recent version on the Recent Changes and Downloads page.
  2. Click the links appropriate for your computer (Mac or Windows)
  3. Open the .dmg file that is downloaded to your computer. 
  4. Drag the icon that appears into your Applications folder.
  5. Your computer may give you a warning when you open the application that it was downloaded from the internet. Ignore this.

Additional Files Required

  1. Download the Framespec and Reference Points Files for the Brown Cubes here. If you use your own calibration objects, you have to create your own Framespec and Reference Points files!
  2. Download the Conversion script to convert from *.csv to *.mat here.

Undistortion Program Explanation

PDF Manual is available for Download

Calibration Program Explanation