We recommend to check the correct calibration of your data-set before you start digitizing or rotoscoping.

What you need:

  1. undistorted cube images
  2. mayaCam files
  3. framespec-file
  4. XROMM Maya Tools
Open a Maya scene. Create the mayaCams and assign your Undistorted cube image to the respective camera plane. Use the import function (new version, June 2014) on the XROMM shelf and import your framespec.csv file as 'xyz' data and spheres (uncheck 'rows are time series'). Your digitized beads should line up with the markers in both images when viewed through the correct X-ray (Xcam) perspective cameras. You may want to set up the Pan and Scan Tool for Rotoscoping (new version, June 2014) so that you can zoom in.