How to add users to a study

By default when a study is created, the following people have access to that study:

- the PI(s) designated when a study is created

- the lab-managers of each PI.

- the study leader designated when a study is created

Once the study is created, the PI(s) and lab-managers for that study can add additional usersĀ  (or delete users that have been added).

A screencast showing the process of adding users is here below, click on the image to play the animation. Do Shift+reload page to start the animation from the beginning.

How to remove users from a study

Deleting an existing users associated with a study is very similar to the above process of adding a user, except for instead use the "Delete User" button in the above process.

Notice: The PI(s)/lab-managers and study leader associated with a study can not be deleted. If you need to modify a PI or study leader for a study contact the portal administrator.