Get marker coordinates from the marker models

  1. Select all bone models (but not the markers). Hit ctrl+h on the keyboard to hide all of the bones. Only the markers are showing. OR use Layers to hide and show objects (preferred).
  2. Select the marker object
  3. Right click-hold and select vertex from the marking menu
  4. Drag your mouse over a single marker (it should become yellow).
  5. Click vAvg on the XROMM tool shelf or type vertAvg on the command line.
  6. In the *Marker Name* box, enter a name that you want all of the markers to have.  Typically markers are named m01_\[OptionalMarkerInformation\], m02_\[OptionalMarkerInformation\], etc.
  7. Press the Calculate Centroid button and a locator will be created.
  8. Repeat steps 3 - 8 for each marker.

Export the CT marker locator data

  1. Click the CTex from the XROMMtools Shelf, or type CTMexport in the MEL box
  2. Select the first marker name in the list, and click Move Right.
  3. Repeat for each marker. It is important that the markers stay in the right order.
  4. Click Export to .csv File