In order to use the C-arms or the Keck XROMM Lab, you must:

  1. Complete the online Radiation Safety Training offered by the Brown University Office of Environmental Health & Safety. To get registered on the Traincaster System, please contact Allyce Sullivan, the Keck XROMM Lab Manager. (Note that if you are a Brown student or employee, and if using animals, then and animal use training must be completed also. Contact Allyce Sullivan to arrange this training).
  2. Complete the RSO-8 (Application for Radiation Dosimeter) and RSO-25 (X-ray User Certification) forms and give them to Allyce for forwarding to the Radiation Safety Office.
  3. Read the Brown Radiation Use Manual and if applicable, the NRC Instruction Concerning Prenatal Radiation Exposure (required for all female users).
  4. Be trained in the use of the x-ray equipment by an approved Trainer (see list of Trainers on bulletin board inside the C-arm lab or in the hall of the Keck Lab).