Matlab XrayProject v2.0.7

The video window must be the active window for keypresses to function

=    Zoom in (centers over cursor)

-     Zoom out (centers over cursor)

r   Resumes original zoom level 

f    forward one frame

F    forward 50 frames

b    backward one frame

B    backward 50 frames

,    select last point

.    select next point

n    add a point and make it current

i    nudge 0.1 pixel up

m   nudge 0.1 pixel down

j    nudge 0.1 pixel left

k    nudge 0.1 pixel right

8     nudge 0.1 pixel up

4    nudge 0.1 pixel down

6    nudge 0.1 pixel left

2    nudge 0.1 pixel right

spacebar (or left mouse click)  digitize a point

z (or right mouse click)  delete current point

x   stop autotracking while running; toggle through the autotrack menu

X   select "multi" Autotrack mode

c    toggle "Find marker centroid" checkbox 

Shift-R    recalculate the xyz coordinates from the xy data.