X-Ray Reconstruction of Moving Morphology (XROMM) is a technique for combining bone movement data from x-ray movies and bone shape data from CT scans or laser scans into an accurate 3D visualization of skeletal movement. The steps below represent the overall workflow. Click on each to get detailed instructions. 

* Getting trained and certified to use x-ray machines at Brown

* Operating C-arm x-ray machines during data collection

* Digitizing x-ray movies using the MATLAB XrayProject.mat procedure. (MATLAB scripts written and compiled by Ty Hedrick and Dave Baier.)

* Creating 3D CT models using Amira software

* Creating the XROMM animations using MATLAB and Autodesk Maya

* FluoroCorrect:  A Matlab package for undistorting videofluoroscopy sequences is available on SourceForge Documentation on the usage and development of this software package can be found here:  Video Correction Documentation