Importing .obj models:

Correcting models from OsiriX

Models created in OsiriX have two issues when imported into Maya:

To scale models down to 0.1x size:

  1. Shift-select all imported models in the scene (bone and marker models)
  2. Press button in farthest right top corner of the Maya window to open Channel Box/Layer Editor (if it is not already open)
  3. Set all of the 1s to the right of Scale X, Y, Z, to the value 0.1 (see image above). The grid is now large relative to the model (image below).
  4. Shift-select the three Scale attribute names (the words Scale X, Scale Y, Scale Z), then right click and Select Freeze/Scale (image below). This will set the scale back to 1 without changing the size of the models. This effectively sets the scale for your models to cm, which are the units we use for XROMM. 

To correct the normals:
  1. Select the Polygons menu set from the far left top of Maya window
  2. Select one of your bones (best to do them one at a time)
  3. Select Normals/Set to Face from the top menu bar (image below)
  4. Wait. Setting normals to face can take a while, depending on how dense the polygons are on your model. It is a good idea to reduce the number of polygons coming out of OsiriX with the decimate function. When finished, your model will look smooth (image below)