X-Ray Reconstruction of Moving Morphology (XROMM) is an x-ray imaging and computational process that produces precise and accurate 3D movies of skeletal movement. 

Recent Changes and Downloads

For Brown XROMM Short Course 2012

At Brown University we have developed three main approaches to XROMM:

1) Marker-based XROMM workflow (Brainerd et al., 2010)

2) Scientific Rotoscoping workflow, i.e. manual markerless XROMM (Gatesy et al., 2010).

3) Autoscoper software i.e. automated markerless XROMM) (Miranda et al., 2011)

We have also developed the X-ray Motion Analysis Portal (XMA Portal) for storing, viewing and managing X-ray movie data and associated metadata.

This wiki contains instructions and user manuals, contributed by many users. See www.xromm.org for general information about XROMM.