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Suggested exercises

1. Beginners often have trouble grasping the concept of a mole.   Sometimes an analogy to another noun meaning a number of a specific kind of item can be helpful. Can you think of any good analogies?

Useful words

a dozen eggs
a ddozen donuts
a ream of paper (500 sheets)
a pair of socks

2. The word mole has two homophones that distract beginners from learning its technical meaning in chemistry.  One meaning is a small burrowing, insectivorous mammal that creates tunnels near the surfaces of lawns; the National Mole Day idea for high school students in Australia uses a mole as a mascot.    Another meaning is a spy inside the opposing country's own spy agency (figuratively underground, burrowing like the animal mole).  A third meaning is a dark spot on the skin, sometimes also called a "beauty mark" when it is attractively placed on the face.  You might be able to make a joke using these homophones.

not an animal
not a spy
not a dark spot
a unit of measurement
a count of the number of atoms or molecules
the mass of that number of atoms or molecules, in grams