CRITICAL UPDATE: Use new XMALab software for marker-based XROMM, including Undistortion, Calibration, Marker Tracking, and Rigid Bodies.


XMALab replaces XrayProject. See Bitbucket XMALab wiki for XMALab User Manual (not this wiki). 

Convert the undistortion to the MATLAB format

Note: You have to do this for each camera

  1. Make sure you have the ConvertCSVAndPointsToLUT program in your Matlab path
  2. Type ConvertCSVAndPointsToLUT in the Matlab command line
  3. Click the button
  4. Select the “_UNDSTFORM.csv” file
  5. Select the “_INPTS.csv” file
  6. Select the “_BSPTS.csv” file
  7. Select where you want the .mat file to be saved